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Dinan Real Estate Advisors, Inc. was formed in 1991 as a full
service appraisal and consulting firm that offers a full range
of both commercial and residential appraisal and consulting
services to our clients.

Dinan Real Estate Advisors, Inc. is comprised of commercial and
residential real estate appraisers/analysts. All appraisers/analysts
are either candidates or advanced candidates of the Appraisal
Institute, are state certified, or have received advanced degrees
in areas related to economics, real estate, or finance. As a group,
the firm of Dinan Real Estate Advisors, Inc. offers more than 100
years of combined real estate appraisal and consulting
"Dedicated to Quality Client Service"
Our Team of Consultants
St. Louis Mo. | 1-800-739-3850 | EDinan@dinanreal.com