Edward W. Dinan, MAI, CRE

"Dedicated to Quality Client Service"
  • Rockhurst College, Kansas City, Missouri, A.B.-1972

  • American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers
  • Course lA, Memphis State University - May 1975
  • Course 1 B, Tulane University II - July 1975
  • Course II, University of Georgia - February 1976
  • Course VI, Chicago Education Center - March 1977 Appraisal Institute
  • Standards of Professional Practice, Parts A and B

  • Seminars include: Cash Equivalency, Subdivision Analysis, Rates Ratios and
Reasonableness, Feasibility, Valuation of Leasehold Interests, Americans with
Disability Act Review, Condemnation Process and Appraisal, Condemnation

  • Appraising: Advanced Topics and Applications, Standards of Professional Practice,
Parts A and B, Corridors And Rights-Of-Way II Symposium Valuation and Policy
University of Houston

  • Dispute Resolution Institute

Professional experience includes market and financial feasibility studies, highest and best use analyses,
transient housing and convention market surveys, analysis of redevelopment potential of existing
communities, lease analysis and consultation, as well as the appraisal and evaluation of many types of
properties including:

Airports                                                                          Restaurants
Apartments (high rise, garden, townhouse)          Sales and Service Buildings
Casinos                                                                         Schools (private, parochial, secondary, higher education)
Banks                                                                             Shopping Centers (regional, community,neighborhood)
Cemeteries                                                                   Single Family Residential
Condemnation Appraisals                                         Special Use Properties  
Condominiums/Co-op/Timeshare                           Subdivisions
Duck Clubs                                                                    Surgical Centers
Farms                                                                             Theaters
Golf Courses/Country Clubs                                      Urban Renewal (acquisition, reuse)
Hotels and Motels                                                        Vacant Land (commercial, industrial, residential, rural )
Industrial Plants and Warehouses                           Vessels
Mobile Home Parks                                                     Office Buildings                                                                            
Planned Communities                                                Quarries/Mines
Railroad Properties                                                      Resorts

In addition, Mr. Dinan has been approved as a fee appraiser for the U.S. Department of Justice, Missouri
Department of Natural Resources, Missouri Department of Highways and Transportation, Illinois
Department of Transportation, Probate Court of St. Louis City, as well as FNMA, FDIC, RTC, HUD, SBA,
OTS, along with numerous other governmental agencies and is qualified in court as an expert witness. Mr.
Dinan has also served as a hearing officer for the St. Louis County Board of Equalization.

Prior to forming Dinan Real Estate Advisors, Inc., Mr. Dinan was employed by the Turley Martin Company
as Vice President of their Consulting and Appraising Division. Mr. Dinan has also participated as a guest
lecturer on real estate appraising at Washington University, as well as several seminars sponsored jointly
by the University of Missouri - St. Louis and the Home Builders Association of Greater St. Louis,
Counselors of Real Estate, and Law Seminars International. In addition, Mr. Dinan is approved as an
instructor for the Missouri Real Estate Commission’s Continuing Education Program, and has been a
lectured speaker for the Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis. Mr. Dinan has also delivered seminars
on appraisal reviews to loan officers at several financial institutions in the St. Louis area.


Territory covered is primarily Metropolitan St. Louis, but also includes professional experience in the
following 27 states: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana,
Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Ohio,
Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin and


Mr. Dinan has held virtually every position as an officer and has served on the Board of Directors for the
local chapter of the Appraisal Institute. In 1990, Mr. Dinan served as President of the former American
Institute of Real Estate Appraisers and coordinated its unification with the local Society Chapter. Mr. Dinan
also served as a Regional Representative for Region II of the Appraisal Institute. In addition, Mr. Dinan has
the following affiliations:

  • Counselor of Real Estate - 1996
  • Appraisal Institute MAI Designation, Certificate Number 6103 -1980
  • St. Louis Association of Realtors
  • Real Estate Broker - State of Missouri
  • Real Estate Broker - State of Illinois
  • Certified General Real Estate Appraiser - RA 001300 - State of Missouri
  • Certified General Real Estate Appraiser - 153-001032 - State of Illinois
  • Certified General Real Estate Appraiser - 209639 - State of Georgia
  • Certified General Real Estate Appraiser - GA - 592 - State of Mississippi
St. Louis Mo. | 1-800-739-3850 | EDinan@dinanreal.com