About Us

Corporate Philosophy: Quality Client Service

Quality client service is the cornerstone of the Dinan team.
In forming the firm, we adopted a philosophy to provide a
superior work product in a timely manner that best serves
our client’s requirements. This commitment to quality
extends not only to the final work product, but also in
providing personal service in an attempt to differentiate
ourselves from our competitors, both national and local.

One of the qualities that set Dinan Real Estate Advisors, Inc.
apart from other similar firms is our commitment to teamwork. We
operate under the premise that the sum of the parts is in fact
greater than the whole. In this way, we are able to draw on more
than just our own individual personal experiences when working
on a real estate assignment. Our appraisers/analysts meet
weekly to discuss current assignments, exchange information,
gain helpful insights, and simply attain another perspective to
issues. This ensures that we are giving our clients a complete
analysis and bringing all our resources to bear on any particular
real estate problem
"Dedicated to Quality Client Service"
The Foundation of The Team
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